NoiseBuster Active Noise Reduction Safety Earmuffs

Advanced Hearing Protection for High-Noise Environments

Recognized as one of the world's premier developers of active noise reduction (ANR) technology, Pro Tech is committed to delivering the highest performing, yet most affordable, electronic noise-canceling hearing protection products available on the market today.

The professional-grade NoiseBuster ANR Safety Earmuff delivers a new level of hearing protection. If you work around engines, motors, blowers, generators, vacuums, compressors, fans and other similar devices, you need protection against the low-frequency noise that conventional passive earmuffs alone can't handle.

Only NoiseBuster combines high-performance passive earmuffs with advanced active noise cancellation technology for the most comprehensive hearing protection available to industry today. Professionals and hobbyists around the world use our high-performance, industrial-strength NoiseBuster products in a variety of challenging high-noise environments.

Choose the earmuff style most suitable to your needs: Over-The-Head, Behind-The-Head and Hard Hat/Cap Mounted.

Enhance your NoiseBuster noise-cancelling headphones safety with two-way communications. Simply attach our Communications Module with noise-canceling boom microphone to your NoiseBuster for clear communications. Use NoiseBuster with any personal and portable communications device: Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, cell phone, mobile phone, portable two-way radio.

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