Forestry / Logging Hearing Protection

By many measures, logging is one of the most dangerous occupations. The tools and equipment used in logging, such as chain saws and logging machines pose hazards wherever they are used. As loggers use their tools and equipment, they are dealing with massive weights and irresistible momentum of falling, rolling and sliding trees and logs.

Loggers Must Use Ear Protection

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a great concern for those who work in the forest industry as it is one of the most common occupational diseases in the United States and is irreversible once acquired. Forestry workers have substantial over exposures to noise from the equipment they use.

Low Frequency Noise

Low frequency noise from engines, motors and fans is prevalent in the forestry trade. This noise is not easily eliminated with traditional passive hearing protection devices. Low frequency noise waves are long and carry great distances. They can penetrate passive barriers like foam earcups or even cement walls (which is why you can hear the bass of your neighbor’s stereo).

Forestry/Logging Noise Sources

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Get the BEST Hearing Protection For Loggers & Forestry Workers

The NoiseBuster Active Noise Reduction (ANR) Earmuff is the only hearing protection device to combine a passive noise-blocking earmuff with ANR. ANR is the coupling of a noise wave with its exact mirror image wave to cancel the noise. This is the most effective method to combat low-frequency noise. The passive component of the NoiseBuster ANR Earmuff provides superior attenuation of mid- and high-frequency noise, thereby providing the best hearing protection.

Ear Protection For Loggers

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